Flower Power

Flower Girl Tully
Flower Girl Tully

I’ve written before about how some of my best ideas for poetry and short stories come to me as I walk the lanes of County Roscommon. These days, an inspiring  walk usually involves me taking an arthritic dog, a pen and paper, and my phone (of course).

But while walking, I’m often distracted by having to name wildflowers. And then I have to stop and take photos. Because one or two thousand is never quite enough is it?


The naming thing is a bit strange. I have no recollection of learning the names of so many plants, but somehow, plenty of common wildflower names are still lodged in my otherwise empty head. And it is important I tell my canine walking companion Tully what the flowers are called. Yes, I know.

We are both delighted to see so many wild flowers flourishing in the hedgerows which were ripped out last year and replaced by mud banks and barbed wire  😦

Gorse fights back

The Orchids seem to have been swamped by long grass, but it may be early for them yet. There were a good few butterflies and bees, which is a good sign. Some of the farmers hereabouts are quite enthusiastic users of pesticides and weed killer, so I like it when nature triumphs with a come-back, even if the butterflies  are mostly Cabbage Whites and Orange Tips

I can’t now remember much else of what I learnt as a schoolgirl all those years ago, but I

may blossom
For the month that’s in it…May blossom

can still identify Herb Robert, Lesser Celandines and Germander Speedwell. I counted 15 different flowers on our walk yesterday, including the usual Dandelion, Daisy and Field Buttercup. There were also Wild Strawberries, Red Clover, Gorse, Cow Parsley, Lady’s Smock, Plantain, Violets, Primroses, Vetch and Shepherd’s Purse. Yes, I know that’s 16. I was never very good at maths, and Tully’s hopeless at keeping count.

Hmm, I think there may be a poem in there somewhere…

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