42 is the Right Answer, Day 6

butterfly on buddliah sDay Six Creative Writing Prompt:

They had an understanding…

Who did? When? Why? Who else knew? Was there corruption or immoral behaviour going on? Where? There doesn’t have to be a bad thing happening, but still…

Was this a relationship between a child and grandparent, coach and footballer, dog and trainer, husband and wife, priest and housekeeper, artist and muse, butterfly and Buddleia? Your call.

If this prompt triggers a piece of memoir, try adding historical detail to set the scene, without labouring the point. For example, you could mention an iconic hairstyle, piece of popular music, or mode of transport which will bring your reader straight into the right time, such as a 60’s beehive hair-do, a 40’s Glenn Miller tune, or a Victorian-era steam train.


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