42 is the Right Answer, Day 7

primroses sNearly a week on and we’re still going. Aren’t we? Aren’t we?

Your Day Seven Creative Writing Prompt is simple:

Good morning!

I’ll cut you a little slack today and cut down the word count by asking for a haiku. From the original Japanese style of short, meaningful poems.

Usually a haiku will have a first line of five syllables, the second of seven, and the third of five syllables again, 17 syllables in total. There’s a trick to these, and you can often link a series of them to make a longer poem. There is usually a juxtaposition of ideas and a nod to nature and the seasons. For today, I’d like you to consider ‘morning’ and ‘good’ as essential words in this exercise.

Whether the thought of writing a poem fills you with terror/disgust/delight, just get on with it. Its only for today, and who knows, you may find some pleasure in it.

If you’re trying to remember what a syllable is, just count the sounds in a word. Like: ‘Writ ing’ is two syllables. ‘Help’ is just one.  ‘Dic tion ar y’ is four. ‘Pro cras tin a tion’ is five.

Here are two  haiku examples to get you in the mood:

Whitecaps on the bay:

A broken signboard banging

In the April wind.

— Richard Wright, 2003


Writer strikes keyboard

Outside, rain hits barren ground,

Words start to blossom

Felicity Burton Latimer, 2020


Back to Basics – if you need to catch up, it’s all  here

I intend posting new writing prompts here each day (until May Day) at 5pm – alive at five (Dublin time).