42 is the Right Answer, Day 11

smileyYour April Fool’s Day Creative Writing Prompt:

Clowning Around

Obviously I’m going to want humour today, a funny story or poem – or better still, a sketch.

This can be fact or fiction, but it must have humour at its core. Slapstick is OK, but so is sarcasm, and anything in between which will raise a smile.

Of course, what you find funny may not work for me, but we’ll risk that for the sake of a creative nudge.

joke 1sYou really have free reign over genre today, but you should have a go at writing a short comedy sketch for the radio or TV.

Think of all the funny stuff you’ve ever heard or seen, then forget the lot and write your own, but make sure it is hilarious. Here’s an opportunity for you to do mime if you’re looking for visual gags, or for clever dialogue if you’re trying to make listeners chuckle.

If you want examples of what makes me laugh, try dipping into Foil, Arms and Hog on YouTube. They have me in stiches. Watch this sketch about speaking the Irish language. Think you can be funnier? Off you go then!

Back to Basics – if you need to catch up, it’s all  here.

I intend posting creative writing prompts here each day (until May Day) at 5pm – alive at five (Dublin time).