42 is the Right Answer, Day 13

seedy cat chessYour Day 12 Creative Writing Prompt:

New beginnings…

Who is starting afresh? Why? When? How? Where?

New beginnings can be about a new project, a new baby, a new relationship, a new food, a new leaf, a new job, a new lifestyle, a new building, a new pet…

Take a few minutes to decide how you want to use this prompt.

If it is going to be a poem, list all the words that come to mind when you think of beginnings and do some free association to link them together. Then consider how to structure them. You might like to investigate writing a pantoum, a poetic form which allows for rhyme, rhythm and repetition. A pantoum often has 16 lines (it can have more), written in quatrains – four-line stanzas. The repetition is what makes this style of poem interesting. Each line is repeated twice, with the first and last lines being the same – like this:

  • Line A, Line B, Line C, Line D
  • Line B, Line E, Line D, Line F
  • Line E, Line G, Line F, Line H
  • Line G, Line C, Line H, Line A

If you are going to write a story, think about the location, the characters, the action – and be sure to use some dialogue to bring your characters to life. Get your ideas down as soon as they start to form – this first draft is just you telling the story to yourself. The next part is you editing it to make your story interesting for the reader – but you can’t edit a blank page, so start writing!

If memoir is your thing, this may be a good trigger for starting a chapter about a new home, a new sibling, a new school, a new partner. Often you can have the luxury of detail in your recollections – people are always interested in the day to day life of people in the past, what they ate for breakfast, how they got to school, how they made bread, what they wore to bed – details you can rarely include in a piece of short fiction.

Back to Basics – if you need to catch up, it’s all  here

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