42 is the Right Answer, Day 16

change sToday’s Writing Prompt is:


Write 350 words of flash fiction, or a 20-line poem inspired by this word.

This is both a homonym (two different words with the same sound) and a homograph (two words with different meanings but the same spelling).

So here we go:

Loose change, change of circumstances, The Change, changing sides, change of scenery, sea change, sudden change, change of direction, change of heart, change of mind, change colour, change shape

changing one’s tune, chop and change, make changes, change sides, change for the worse, change for the better, small change,

change around, winds of change, changeability, changing clothes, ring the changes, interchange, change money, change places, all change, unchanged, exchange

Have I missed any? Probably. No change there then.

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