42 is the Right Answer, Day 17

Today’s creative writing prompt is a word soup you must find your own ingredients for.

Take a book from your shelf (you’re a writer so you have a reading habit, right?). It can be any book, although this might be even more challenging if you choose a recipe book or a bee-keeping manual.

Turn to six random pages and take the first and last words there. These words are your day’s prompts.

The idea is to give your creative subconscious a nudge – there’s a story in your head somewhere, you just need help in getting it down on paper. Some of these prompts should kick-start the process of writing, just give them a try.

As always, you can choose to write fact or fiction, poem or sketch – whatever takes your creative fancy today.

I chose to delve into Billy O’Callaghan’s ‘My Coney Island Baby’ and got the following ingredients for my word soup:

Page 15: Them, tongue; Page 32: Morning, sat; Page 53: Doorway, stretching; Page 108: Hurt, had; Page 146: Muesli, deep.

I’ll let you borrow them if you think they’ll be useful.


Back to Basics – if you need to catch up, it’s all  here

I intend posting prompts here each day (until May Day) at 5pm – alive at five (Dublin time).