Reviews – I’m Made Up!

soft touch cover sWhile I consider putting together a longer piece of creative non-fiction about the point of being published and then getting reviews, I give you this, my recent Facebook/Twitter post:

I Thought my Laureate’s Choice pamphlet ‘Soft Touch’ from last year hadn’t any reviews. Not so, I just missed them.

In the Yorkshire Times ‘Made Up’ was poem of the week: Read it here

Sphynx (Happenstance Press), ran a review: Read it here.

Didn’t see either of these until today, but I’m very grateful for them both. Didn’t know I could write ‘exquisite observation’!

Thank you to Steve Whitaker and Rennie Halstead/Helena Nelson.

I now have to wait for Matthew Rice’s verdict in Poetry Ireland Review 130, launched remotely tomorrow…Capture 5
Meanwhile, you can still buy my book direct from the publishers, here