42 is the Right Answer, Day 36

salad sYour creative writing prompt today is

Food, Glorious Food!

Everyone has to eat. Some of us enjoy our food more than others. It is a big subject – food is one of those things we just can’t live without.

How about a piece of new writing prompted by the concept of food being glorious?

Maybe you’re missing some of your favourites because of lockdown? Perhaps you’re indulging in elaborate kitchen sessions making delicious grub because at last, you have time? Or have you a tale to tell about how a particular food always makes you think of someone? Perhaps you want to rant about the far-from glorious unfairness of world-wide food distribution? This calls for an opinion piece, some creative non-fiction. Go for 500 words.

Or you could start with a smell – toast, chips, campfire sausages, chocolate, lemon juice. Now think of a person you can put with a particular food. And what if something happens to prevent them getting their fair share? Is a story starting to wriggle around in your imaginmarmalade sation? Good, sit down and write!

This could be another flash fiction. Try 500 words, again being mean with description and adjectives, just get to the action making every word count. You don’t have much scope for a big cast either, just one or two characters.crumpets s

If you are done with flash fiction or it just isn’t working for you today, try recalling a childhood memory* to add to your memoir. Remember the taste of jelly and ice cream at birthday time or helping stir the pudding mix for Christmas? What about someone making marmalade or crumpets?

*I have a distinct childhood memory of being so hungry one time when I was out playing with my friend, we raided her dog’s box of biscuits. We’d been told by the grown-ups we had to wait until dinner time for something to eat, and it was hinted that dog biscuits were poisonous to six-year-olds! I’m glad to say, once again the adults were wrong.

Back to Basics – if you need to catch up,  it started  here (but we’re on the final stretch now…).

I intend posting prompts here each day (until May Day) at 5pm – alive at five (Dublin time)