42 is the Right Answer, Day 41

writing tools sMay Day, May Day!

It is a pretty obvious prompt for today – a distress signal or a day of spring festivities, your choice. Write what comes to mind and turn it into a piece of creative non-fiction of 500 words. This can include your opinions on life, the universe and everything, if you like.

The end? Well, no, not quite.

I lied about there being 42 days between Mother’s Day and May Day. More a miscalculation than anything (maths has never been my best subject).  So today is the penultimate prompt in the series, meaning there will be another one tomorrow to make 42 in all.

I then intend to post weekly every Wednesday at 5pm (Dublin time).

If you’ve been following since March 22nd, well done. I hope you’ve found some inspiration to keep you writing. Doing exercises like these will sharpen your writing skills, even if you’ve no intention of ever writing another pantoum/letter to the editor/travel article etc.  It is all practise and like any activity, the more you do the easier it will become and the better you’ll get at it.

I have tried to respond to the prompts myself and have produced some new poems and short stories, a couple of articles and some flash fiction, all of which I might not have written otherwise. And I’ve enjoyed the process and had some positive feedback, which has been lovely.

The series began as a way for me to stay connected with the writers I meet in Charlestown Arts Centre in County Mayo, Ireland, every fortnight. When lockdown is over and we’re back together, we’ll be using some of the prompts again. Then, we will be able to discuss form and content and can share our work with each other. That’s the bit I’ve missed most about not having our regular writing group meetings, not hearing the work the prompts have inspired.

Hopefully, our meetings will resume as before and we’ll get down to the serious business of tea drinking, biscuit chomping and talking the talk about what we love to do: creative writing.

Meanwhile, if you are late to the party, it started here.  And don’t forget to check in tomorrow for Day 42.

AND! I did a live YouTube poetry reading for The Holding Cell today at 3pm. The internet let me down – the quality is awful, the connection kept wavering (the downside to living in the middle of nowhere). Twelve minutes recorded in fits and starts, but I was reading for about 17. Hey ho! But there’s a bit of it  recorded that might make sense here