42 is the Right Answer, Day 42

italian balcony sToday’s creative writing prompt is the final one in the series of 42:


This is both verb and noun.

So write about what shelter means to you. Who gives it? Where? Why? What is it?

Can you describe how to build a shelter? Who (or what) needs shelter? What happens if someone is denied shelter? Is shelter a human right?

What happens if someone offers shelter to a con artist and is tricked out of their life savings?

What about bus shelters – lots can go on in there! Then there’s someone who has led a sheltered life and is let out into the wide world…

A shelter can be a dwelling place or a hiding place. You can have shelter from a storm. There are animal shelters, shelters for the homeless, for migrants and refugees, for abused women.

Is an idea forming? Turn it into a piece of fiction, try for 1,000 words.


I have posted 42 daily prompts now, so I am going to go and have a little lie down.

But I will be back with weekly prompts and writing exercises every Wednesday at 5pm (Dublin time), same sort of format. I hope you have found them inspiring.

If you’ve forgotten how it all started, you can go back to Day One here.