42 Was the Right Answer, Plus One

We did 42 days of writing prompts and exercises (phew!), now we’re going to take things a bit slower and go weekly instead of daily.

Every Wednesday afternoon at 5pm (Dublin time) I will post a writing prompt and suggest a way in which you can use it to generate new writing.

As always it is just for enjoyment, no pressure, no hassle, no worries.

henny penny 2sToday’s creative writing prompt is:

Ruffled feathers.

This is a quaint expression to describe upsetting someone, but you could take it literally. A bird with feathers out of place – where? Why? How? What happened? What happens next?

You could take the feathers somewhere else – a feather pillow, mattress, duvet for example. What about a quill pen? Or someone given the white feather of cowardice? Or how about finding a small white feather, supposed to be delivered by an angel as a symbol of hope from the spirit realm?

You can feather your own nest, take a feather from someone’s cap, be a featherweight. Feathering techniques are used by artists and oarsmen.

Spend a few minutes writing down all the words and expressions that come to mind associated with feathers, and see if something begins to form, a short story perhaps, or a poem.

Try timing yourself at this first stage and free write for just 10 minutes. Then look back at what you’ve written and see if there is something there, a phrase or a sentence that might be worked on further.

Let the idea of feathers float around in your head for a while before you re-focus to write more.

By now you should have some good ideas to work on, at least one of which you can develop into finished work. Good luck!