42 was the Right Answer, Plus Two

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Another weekly writing prompt to get you in a creative mood. I’ve heard some of these prompts have been used to spark artwork as well as writing – lovely!

This week I’m giving you one word to work with:


You can have young or be young.

This time of year, there’s a lot of youth around – plenty of animals and birds have young to take care of.

But there’s also a lot of people (as always) looking back at what it was like to be young.

My late father always used to joke that youth is wasted on the young. I never really understood what he meant until after he wasn’t around any more.

This week I’m asking you to write a factual piece of creative non-fiction of 750 words.

Using your personal experience and your beliefs and interests, write an opinion piece that looks at what it is to be young, or what it takes to look after young.

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Baby robins are known as being hungry

Start by listing words and phrases that spring to mind, then take time to review your first impressions and see if something jumps out as the main thrust of your article.

Keep writing until you’ve gone past the word count – don’t edit or correct as you go along – wait until you’ve a first draft complete before you look back at your work.

Don’t accept your first attempt as a finished piece – you will need to go over your writing several times to perfect it. A very handy trick is to read it out loud and listen to the musicality of the language you’ve used.

Keep going, practice makes perfect!