42 was the Right Answer, Plus Four

orange lily sToday’s creative writing prompt is:


What does this mean to you?

Time for another piece of creative non-fiction – an essay if you like.

Fidelity is described in the dictionary as meaning ‘faithfulness to a person, cause or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support’.

Is it a trait you admire or despise? Is it something you’ve lots of experience of – a little, or none at all?

How would you explain the concept of fidelity to someone who’d never heard of it before?

You have 500 words to get to the point. Try to use personal experiences to make your work relatable to the reader.

When you’ve written your piece, have a look through the various literary magazines and journals – print as well as online – and see if you can’t find a home for your words of wisdom!

Be sure to follow submission guidelines (don’t use 14pt type if they’ve asked for 12pt, for example) and be sure the publication you’re sending to takes unsolicited articles of the type you’ve written. No good sending a missive about fidelity to a wife swapping magazine (I imagine, no personal experience here, I’m just guessing).

And if the magazine you’ve chosen only takes 400 words, do some cutting. If they want 600 words, do some padding. Always, always, always read the submission guidelines (and back copies of the publication to check if your words would be a good fit).

After 42 days of writing prompts and exercises we’re now weekly instead of daily. And here we are at Week Four.

Every Wednesday afternoon at 5pm (Dublin time) I will post another prompt and suggest a way in which you can use it to generate new writing.

As always it is just for enjoyment, no pressure, no hassle, no worries.