42 was the Right Answer, Plus Six

graffiti2sThis week’s creative writing prompt is:


If you had a blank wall, what would you write on it? I’ll give you a generous 20 words. They don’t have to make sense (but if no-one can understand them, what’s the point?) What message do you want to get across?

Of course, one person’s graffiti can be someone else’s fabulous artwork, someone else’s ugly scribble, it is all a matter of perspective.Graffittis

If you’d rather have the challenge of an opinion piece about graffiti, go ahead. Try writing 500 words about what you think of messages on walls. Think about artists who paint murals, perhaps in places where they shouldn’t. But when it is stunning imagery, what’s wrong with that? Or what’s right with it?

Have you ever been responsible for graffiti? Toilet door diatribes anyone?