42 was the Right Answer, Plus Seven

I’m continuing to present a weekly writing prompt with an exercise to challenge you to be creative. These will continue (until I run out of steam, or someone insists I stop) at 5pm every Wednesday, Dublin time.

fruitshop sToday I’m giving you a picture to consider as a creative writing prompt: a fruit and vegetable market stall.

You can take the colours, the shapes or the types of fruit and veg as a starting point for a new piece of writing.

If nothing springs to mind immediately, try studying the detail in the picture and go off on a tangent. For example, there are pears in the picture. What about pairs? We’ve had a twins theme recently I know, but there are other kinds of pair. What else comes in twos? Or toos?

What about the tomatoes in the picture? It would be a great shame to waste good food by throwing tomatoes at someone, but if they were rotten tomatoes and you had a target in mind, how might that work out?

Imagine someone coming along, picking up several pieces of fruit to start juggling. What does the stallholder think of that? What is going on? Who is watching? Are the people in the scene all strangers or do they know each other? Is this the first time this has happened, or is it a regular Wednesday afternoon occurrence? Let your imagination loose on the theme. You could try introducing something surreal or fantastical. How would you explain apples to someone who’d never seen them before? What if the fruit was able to talk? Or sing? Or tap dance?

Have some fun thinking of the possibilities and turn your ideas into a piece of short fiction, up to 700 words.

Plenty of scope there for some appealing creativity (sorry, couldn’t resist!).