42 was the Right Answer, Plus Eight

blue sToday’s weekly creative writing prompt is:


You can take this as a colour or as a state of mind.

I’m writing this on a day when I can see blue sky (yes, really, even in Ireland), and I realise I have a lot of blue items in my house. It’s a colour I like, certain shades in particular (I’m very taken with one called ‘petrol’ blue, which includes greens as well as blues).

Looking for blue objects to take a photo of, I had little difficulty in finding lots in a five-minute hunt.

So, choose a blue object – or a blue mood – and try writing a short poem, without mentioning the word ‘blue’. Use your powers of description to let your readers imagine the colour you are writing about. Don’t assume your readers are so stupid they won’t know what you’re on about – take the other path and assume they are smart cookies gifted with imagination.

The shortest poems can sometimes be the hardest to write (a bit like flash fiction being so tricky) but see if you can have a go at creating a Tanka. This is a bit longer than a Haiku, but not much.

A *Tanka is a Japanese poetry form and has a 31-syllable count, usually written in five lines of five, seven, five, seven, seven syllables. It can be on any subject.

Having such a tight poetic framework can make you especially creative in getting your meaning across, which is a good discipline for any writer. Good luck!

*A trawl of the internet will give you hundreds of examples – but beware of translations from the original Japanese not fitting the syllable count!