The Prodigal Robin

robin sThis is the kind of news I like to receive in my in-box:

“Dear Louise,  I am delighted to confirm that your story ‘The Prodigal Robin’ has won second prize in the Frome Festival Short Story Competition….”

You can find out more on their website, but here’s the quick version (the bit that has me smiling wide today!):

Frome Festival Short Story Competition is delighted to announce the winners of the 2020 contest, chosen by our guest judge, author, journalist and broadcaster, Bel Mooney:

 ·         First Place: Peace Offering, by Elizabeth Pratt

·         Second Place: The Prodigal Robin, by Louise G Cole

·         Third Place: Missing the Boat, by Vivian Oldaker

The following is an extract of what judge Bel Mooney said of the judging process and the winning entries:

The short story form is much tougher than people realise. In a novel you can stretch your limbs and wander about, but a short story has to get to the point. A high jump rather than a cross country event…”



Here we have a universal human experience – that of the prodigal’s return – which will touch anybody who understands the potential agony of parent-child relationships. It encompasses ageing and change and anger and forgiveness – and was generous enough to offer a little flicker of hope at the end.”

I’d nearly forgotten how satisfying it is to have some (story) writing competition success.

Meanwhile, I understand the story will be posted on-line, and when that happens, I will share the link.  Here it is 🙂

I’m off to have some of that calm-the-f-down tea now 🙂