Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

mirror sLook in the mirror. Who do you see?

Today’s prompt is to write a eulogy – for yourself.

OK, this is usually praise for someone who has died, but I checked and discovered it doesn’t have to be, it can be a tribute to someone living. That’s you.

Here is a golden opportunity to be completely self-indulgent as you write about yourself (because you’d never do this otherwise, would you?). No-one else knows you as well as you do, so take 600 words to write about how clever/funny/gifted/selfless/generous/gorgeous you are.

Read it aloud (to yourself!) and listen to the kind of language you are using. A five-minute eulogy should be around 600 words, depending on how fast you speak.

You can recall an incident from your past to illustrate your character, or you can describe your plans for the future. Think about what anyone who doesn’t know you might like to find out about you, your unusual pastimes, quest for world peace, patents pending inventions, hand knitted sock puppet collection, whatever.

Of course, if you are uncomfortable blowing your own trumpet, you can flip fact for fiction and use the voice of one of your invented characters. And then, because it is fiction, you can be as wildly imaginative as ever.

Me? Well, I look in the mirror and see someone who really should get used to walking in heels again. I’ve spent the past six months almost housebound, where there’s no call for me to pretend I have longer legs than I have, so I’ve kind of got out of the habit of wearing heels.

Which might just lead me to write a eulogy about a character with fabulously long legs. Fiction, of course.

Every Wednesday afternoon at 5pm (Dublin time) I post a new creative writing prompt and suggest a way in which you can use it to write short stories, flash fiction, poetry, memoir or creative non-fiction, your choice – they are only suggestions. This is the 63rd prompt in the series which began as a Lockdown project for my creative writing groups. I created 42 daily writing prompts and exercises, triggered by knowledge of Life, the Universe and Everything in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. It began here. When the 42 days were up, I changed to posting weekly.