A Year in Passing

happy new year sWe’re right in the middle of the holiday season,  Christmas is already in the past,  and a new year looms. This week’s creative writing prompt is  a chance to write about your life right now as we head into 2021.

Write a new journal entry which you may like to keep for members of your family to read some time in the future.

I usually advise against showing journal entries to anyone else. My take on journaling is that it’s a private way of writing for your own pleasure and should usually be for your eyes only.

I’m making an exception here because of the extraordinary carry on that’s been 2020.

For me, keeping a journal is about emptying my head onto paper every evening so I’m more likely to sleep. This cunning plan doesn’t always work – I’m a lousy sleeper, awake into the small hours most nights, my head spinning! But another reason I keep a journal is because I have an awful memory, so my journals help prompt my recall of what’s gone on in my life. I don’t spend too much time looking back on them, but I am comforted by knowing they are there. If I live to be really old and lose my marbles, they may help me remember who I am, who I was, who knows?

I encourage anyone who enjoys the process of writing to keep a journal – its well known as a way to improve your mental health. And for me, because I enjoy the act of writing, it isn’t always about getting published. A lot of what I write is just for my own amusement.

Anyway, we’ve had a year like no other, haven’t we? So now is a very good time to reflect on how it has gone and commit your thoughts to paper.

I guess future generations will look back at 2020 and be horrified by Covid-19 and lockdowns, Brexit, the US presidential elections… there is plenty of material for commentators to write about. Add your take on everything by writing it down. Go for 1,000 words and see if that’s enough to put a year into perspective.

Meanwhile, I wish you good health and happiness in 2021 – and I urge you to keep writing!

This is the 77th new creative writing prompt in a series which began in March 2020 as a Lockdown project to kick-start new writing: drama, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, memoir, creative non-fiction, whatever. Originally, I created 42 daily prompts and exercises, with a nod to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Now I post them weekly every Wednesday at 5pm (Dublin time).  It all began here