A Few Added Flavourings

flavoursI have another somewhat abstract creative writing prompt this week. Let’s see where this one will take us, shall we?


I want you to give me the flavour of something in words. This can be the flavour of food, obviously, but the word means more than that.

A small sample of something can give you the flavour of it, and this can be a pastime, a piece of music, a piece of art, a way of making or doing something…

The (Oxford) dictionary says flavour can be the distinctive taste of a food or drink, or an indication of the essential character of something, or a ‘kind, variety or sort’ (think ice cream flavours). Of course, it is both noun and verb. And you can have flavoured, flavourful, flavourless and flavoursome as adjectives.

Write 500 words on the flavour of something – it doesn’t have to be a nice flavour, it can be a repugnant one. Or you can choose to write about the most delicious flavour imaginable. Or write a piece that describes an activity or object by just giving us a flavour of it.

Last week, I wrote about our pre-COVID creative writing group meetings, the idea being to give you a flavour of what they used to be like.

See if you can do the same, give your readers a flavour of something. This can be creative non-fiction or you can turn it into flavoursome flash fiction. Off you go!

PS I know the picture is all about seasoning (which isn’t the same thing as flavour) but I couldn’t figure how to illustrate flavour. See if you can do better using words!

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