A Bird in the Hand…

robin s

When I’m not writing or reading, I’m gardening or baking – or I’m watching birds.

I don’t usually write about these aspects of my life (apart from in my private journal). But perhaps I should? Not that I know much about much, really, but when did that ever stop anyone writing?

What part of your activities might you like to share with others?

Your creative writing prompt today is to think of a hobby or pastime that might be of interest to others, then consider how you might find an audience for an article about it. You could say quite a lot in 500 words.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a factual article, it could be fictitious. But your special area of expertise might have a dimension that makes your piece stand out from the crowd. Add an element of humour and you’ve probably captured a reader who wants to read more. Make your opening sentence intriguing enough for them to carry on reading to the end.

Take a look through your favourite specialist magazines and see if they take unsolicited articles. Whether you breed parakeets, collect stamps, race model cars, grow exotic lilies or bake sourdough loaves, the chances are there’s a magazine – and a community of like-minded folk out there – who’d like to hear your story. And if your article is quirky or relatable enough, you may find a general interest magazine who’d like to publish it. There’s a myriad of such magazines out there – ask Google to help you search.

Me? I’m just busy counting birds in my garden for the BirdWatch Ireland Annual Garden Bird Survey. Nineteen different species so far, and still counting. I struggle to name them sometimes, but I’ve turned my ignorance into poetry before now. After all, it doesn’t matter if I don’t know the name of birds, they know themselves who/what they are…

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