OK, Love?

valentinesThis week’s creative writing prompt is, of course, topical. Sunday is Valentine’s Day, so off we go, jumping on bandwagons and all that.

So, write me a love letter. Well not me, obviously, I’m spoken for, but write a love letter to someone, just for the craic. It can be to a fictitious character, or your pet, your partner (which may be the same thing), your sibling, neighbour, whoever, whatever. You don’t even have to send it, just write it.

The point is to express your feelings of appreciation (OK, the L word) for that person or thing.

I think I might write to the hundreds of birds that descend on my garden during bad weather – to thank them for the entertainment they provide. It would have to be just one letter, though, obviously, they can’t all read.

I know, I know.  I should be writing poems or stories or something, but bird watching is so soothing.

Kitten ChessNot for my boy Chess, though, him being of the feline persuasion and inclined to eat creatures with feathers given half a chance. I could write him a love letter, too. I mean, he’s a cat, what is there not to love about that (well, apart from when he sicks up feathers)? But he can’t read (he knows the pictures on the cat food sachets, mind).

Anyway, I’d then have to write a billet-doux to my dog Tully too, because she’d be jealous if she thought the cat was getting something she wasn’t, and she’s lovely, too. And the jury’s still out Tully1sas to whether or not she can read.

Heck, it might be just easier if I write a love letter to my long-suffering husband (“Oh, you’re writing all day today? Shall I cook dinner then?”).

Actually, we’ve never exchanged Valentines. Not much point – romance isn’t confined to just one day a year in our house, thankfully. I’d been married to him for five months by the time we had our first Valentines Day together (long story, whirlwind romance). And my take on all this commercial, um, ‘stuff’ for occasions is why I refuse (mostly) to buy greetings cards. But that’s a diatribe for another day.

It has been five years this week since I began this blog thingy. It has morphed into something different from what I started with, but I’m still here, now posting a prompt to trigger new creative writing every Wednesday at 5pm, Dublin time. More info here.