Instructions for Use

instructionsThis week’s creative writing exercise is (as always) just for fun. And it is all about sharpening your writing skills, so even if you are never called upon to do anything like this again, know that after this, you can do it.

Yes, the picture is right. These are the instructions on how to use toilet paper. Who knew? Well, everyone, I hope!

Your task this week is to write instructions on how to do something everyone probably knows already. Clearly, how to use toilet paper is taken, but here are a few other ideas:

  • How to peel a potato
  • How to watch the six-o’clock news
  • How to sharpen a pencil
  • How to eat spaghetti when no-one is watching
  • How to pet a small (friendly) animal
  • How to ride a bicycle
  • How to reach the top shelf

You get the idea? Stretch those creative writing muscles and see what brilliant nonsense you can come up with. And remember, someone was paid to write those loo roll instructions 🙂

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