Happy St Patrick’s Day!

smileySure, I can’t write anything on this day without mentioning Ireland’s patron saint, can I?

While the country has  a population of less than five million, there are said to be 70 million Irish diaspora – people claiming Irish roots. Statistics reveal there are seven times more people in the USA claiming Irish heritage than actually live here in Ireland!

Understandably, St Patrick’s Day is a big event all around the world. And while it is usually a day of celebration and parties, we  have our wings still pinned here in the Emerald Isle while Covid-19 rumbles on.

But we’re writers, eh? And we are blessed with imagination.

So, your creative writing prompt today is St Patrick’s Day and I’m asking you to write something humorous for the occasion. Write an anecdote (300 words) or a rhyming verse (20 lines)celebrating the Irish and all they are famous for.

There are loads of ‘Oirish’ things that come to mind – shamrock, Riverdance, Guinness, the Full Irish (aka an artery clogging breakfast), soda bread, tin whistles, harps, Tayto crisps, Barry’s tea, fuchsias, fuschia srugby, hurling, turf fires, cursing, the craic, leprechauns – stop me now! 

Of course, you don’t have to mention anywhere that St Patrick is supposed to have been born in Wales, making him not a native Irishman as many would believe, but a Welshman. But there has to be a funny story in there somewhere, surely?

Slàinte Mhaith!

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