Way to Go

wavesWe’re on the verge of being free to roam again, which seems to be as good a time as any for another go at travel writing. So that’s this week’s creative writing prompt/exercise.

Where would you like to go?  Here in Ireland, we’ll be allowed to travel anywhere on the island of Ireland from Monday (May 10th, 2021). But no further, for a while. That shouldn’t be a bother, since Ireland is a beautiful country, and there’s plenty of it!

Wherever you are, choose a location and write 700 words of creative non-fiction.  You don’t have to stick to your homeplace. Be creative. Write about anywhere in the world – nowhere is out of bounds thanks to the wonders of the internet. Look up places on-line and write about what you find in this way, somewhere you are inspired by.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the sea again. I’ve never lived very close to the ocean, although I’ve always fancied that idea. Actually, I’m only 45 minutes away from some of the best Mayo and Sligo stretches of the stunning Wild Atlantic Way. But because of pandemic restrictions, it has been ages since I’ve been able to cross county borders to hear real live waves crashing.

I know it is not the same as the genuine thing, but plenty of locations around the world have live-cam videos you can dive into, so choose somewhere and see if that can’t inspire you to write a travel piece, whether the coast is your thing or not.

Think of what is attractive about your chosen place, why you would encourage new visitors.  When is the best time of year to travel there? Ask (and answer) questions about the scenery, landmarks, architecture, the climate, wildlife and nature, where to eat, where to walk, drive or cycle, if it is busy or quiet. You might even find some information about famous people associated with this place which makes it more interesting.

Pretend you are writing for a travel magazine  – and if you’re really pleased with what you’ve written, try submitting for publication. Our friend Google will help you search for titles.

Bon voyage!

This is No 95 in my series of creative writing prompts and exercises, which was originally going to number just 42. But I kept going. Now, I’m looking to finish at 101, so I’ll still be back next week, same time, same place.

If you’re new here, you might like to check out what it is all about here. The short version is there’s a new creative writing prompt/exercise here every Wednesday at 5pm, Dublin time.