Five Stars

type keysHow often are you persuaded to watch a film, TV show or read a book because you came across an intriguing review? Or perhaps because everyone’s on about it – and they can’t all be wrong, can they?

Of course, that’s a trick question because you should know by now, anything arty, crafty, musical etc is subjective. Something I can rave about will leave someone else puzzled or repulsed (or both).

For this week’s creative writing prompt you can choose any book, TV show or film (it doesn’t have to be recent) and write a review. Try 400 words, which should give you ample space to get your message across.

Try to persuade your reader this is the one film, series or book they have to experience this year. Or not. You can choose to slate an artistic offering, if you like.

Think about what made you choose this particular title. Does it fit into a particular genre? If so, is it typical of its type or does it forge a new path?what are you waiting for 2s

Explain the setting, the main characters, the plot – but don’t spoil the twists and turns, or if you do, signal you are doing this with ‘spoiler alert’ notices.

Finding a home for your review might be tricky. On-line book and film clubs are a possibility. And of course, there’s Goodreads, which is owned by Amazon, so you can imagine how the algorithms work there. And there is Rotten Tomatoes  for TV and film reviews.

Do a bit of web surfing to find other homes for your reviews – there are countless podcasts, blogs and websites to get lost in. Read some reviews of familiar (to you) books, TV shows or films and see how you can (of course!) do better.

This is the 97th creative writing prompt/exercise in what began as a series of 42. If you’re new here, click for more info.  The short version is there’s a new one every Wednesday at 5pm Dublin time (until I get to #101).