A Ton-Up!

poached egg flowerssWell, yes, I could mean travelling at 100mph (which is more fun than 100kmph), but I’m actually referring to this, the 100th creative writing prompt since I started posting in March 2020.

What better way to mark a hundred of anything than writing a piece of micro fiction of… yes, 100 words? Flash fiction pared down to the bone.

What to write about? A hundred somethings perhaps? A hundred promises, bones, drones, starlings, jellybeans, cornflakes, corncrakes, wishes, fishes, buttons, blowflies, kisses, misses, lashes, flashes – I bet something’s coming to mind already? And I haven’t even mentioned snooker scores.

You need to keep a check on description and extraneous details in such a short, short story, but it can be done.

Give it a try – it is a class way to hone your writing skills. But I’m not giving you any leeway with the wordcount. EXACTLY 100 words, excluding the title. But of course, the title can be as long as you like!

I haven’t counted them, but there could be a hundred poached egg flowers in my picture. Or a hundred petals? Whatever, off you go, write!

Did I mention this is the 100th creative writing prompt/exercise in a project which began in March 2020 as a series of 42 to while away Lockdown hours? If you’re new, there’s more info here, but the quick version is there’s a new post here every Wednesday at 5pm (Dublin time). Until next week…