Home and Away

home sSo here we are, number 101 in what began as a series of 42 creative writing prompts to tide us over the gap when our physical get-togethers were suspended because of a pesky virus.

Why 42? Well, some wise people know 42 is the answer to life, the Universe and everything (as specified in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams). And then I just kept going, not least because so did my separation from my creative writing group friends.

Fast forward 15 months and this is prompt number 101 (does that make you think of 101 Dalmatians or Room 101?) Hmmm…

I said I’d probably stop at this point, but I’m encouraged by some kind comments, so perhaps I’ll just bumble along for a while longer. Until the ideas run out, perhaps? Although personally, I’m never short of ideas, I’m short of time to bring many of them to fruition.

Anyway, today we’re going to wallow in some nostalgia and write a piece of memoir. Everyone has a story to tell and even the reporting of the dullest, most mundane life can be made entertaining by clever writing.

So ‘HOME’ is today’s prompt.

Write about where you came from, what you remember about that place, how it has changed, why you are (or are not) still there, how a sense of place has influenced your life. You may have something to say about why you have or haven’t moved, or how moving day(s) went.

You can see how memoir might just morph into an opinion piece – it’s called ‘creative non-fiction’ and there’s a lot of it about.

So write away, up to 1,000 words.

I’ll probably be back next week with more writing suggestions, 5pm Dublin time, Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy your writing!

If you are new here, there’s a bit more info on what this is all about on this page.

And if you have got this far and are wondering about the picture – no, it’s neither where I live now, or have lived in the past. It is for illustration only.  I think it is called poetic licence, because I’m quietly in poetic mode… more about that here.