By a Hair’s Breadth

lgc hair back 1sSo how did you spend your morning?

Me? Well, I went to the hairdressers, something I haven’t done for several years (yes, you can tell my fringe usually only gets a home trim with nail scissors).

So it’s a given that hair is my theme for today’s creative writing prompt.

You can take this any way you like, perhaps write a poem about having a haircut? Or a personal essay of 1500 words (creative non-fiction/memoir) about a memorable trip to the hair salon/barber? Or how about some flash fiction – say 300 words – about something inspired by hair (or lack of it)?

Here are some possible triggers:

Haircuts; hairlines; a hair’s breadth; hairy; hairless; a hair in the dinner; an unexpected hair on your partner’s collar; splitting hairs; wearing a hair shirt; hair pins; hair slides; body hair; hair removal; hair styles; a hair-raising experience; hair colour; hairline fracture; hair of the dog.

LGC1slgc hair back 2sAnd if you’re wondering (of course you are!) the top picture is a ‘before’. And these two are ‘afters’. The colour’s all my own work (it grows that way naturally, honest!).

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for somewhere to send your writing, here’s a suggestion for 1500 words on the theme of things being passed down through generations (like hairiness or hair colour?). You could enter for free and win $150. Or you could pay $65 and have your story reviewed by professionals and still win $150. Take a look here.

If you are new here (where have you been?) there’s more about what this is all about here. The quick version is I post a new creative writing prompt/exercise every Wednesday, 5pm Dublin time.