Love Where You Live?

derelict aran buildingsHere’s a little writing exercise/prompt inspired by a new competition in Ireland.

The Irish Times is asking for nominations (from anyone) to find the best place to live in Ireland.

Their webpage has all the information here – but why not use this as a prompt to write about somewhere (anywhere!) you like? The catch is you have to pack a punch in just 300 words.

So today’s challenge is to create a sense of place, point out the best features of your location, highlight your reasons for choosing it. You don’t have to enter the competition of course (there’s no hint at prizes, just glory for the winners).

So take the idea as a way to hone your writing skills.

The last time this competition ran was in 2012, when Westport in County Mayo was declared Ireland’s best place to live. Watch the video for the upbeat response from locals as to the effect on the community their win had.

Meanwhile, here’s what the Irish Times has to say about the competition: ‘We want you to nominate the place you love to live, by writing a short pitch. It could be a town, village, city, suburb, island or other geographical area – like a peninsula or townland. The only place that can’t compete is Westport, which already holds the title.
Things we’re looking for include natural amenities, beautiful buildings, community spirit, activities and services, a welcome for outsiders, transport links, affordability and employment opportunities, and good health and wellbeing.’

Of course, as a writing exercise (rather than a competition entry), you could turn this all on its head and write about why your place shouldn’t win the title. After all, you may want to keep your favourite location to yourself…

If you are new here and want to know more, check here. The quick version is: I post a new writing prompt/exercise at 5pm (Dublin time) every Wednesday.