Of Cabbages and Things

cabbage sSo here’s a bit of a challenge for you – cabbage.

I know, right? I’m not that keen either, although I’m a bit keener than I used to be.

My late mother used to wax lyrical about this greenest of good-for-you vegetable and would try every which way to get me to eat it. Eventually, I reluctantly conceded (as a teenager) that it is not that bad eaten raw. It’s the boiled-to-a-sulphurous-pong mush that I can’t be dealing with.

Here’s the irony: as a gardener, it is one of those vegetables I feel compelled to grow. And it flourishes here in Ireland, so there’s rarely a crop failure. Which means most years I have more cabbages than I know what to do with.

We’ve already eaten our way through plenty of football-sized cabbages this year, and I’ve given a few away, a couple of the ones so heavy they’ll do your back in lifting them onto the table.

But I’m not one to miss an opportunity, and have seized on this as our weekly writing prompt/challenge. So. Write me 700 words on cabbage. Convince me its good enough to eat. Or tell me a story about how mealtimes went in your childhood – was cabbage on the menu? Did you hate it, too? Or if you share my interest in gardening, write about how to grow cabbages, what to do with them when they are grown. Perhaps you have a funny story about a missing or stolen cabbage? A prize-winner in the local show, perhaps?

This can be memoir, flash fiction or a rant in the creative non-fiction style, your choice.

Whatever your views on cabbage, writing about it is all good fodder (pun intended) for your writing. No exercises are ever wasted, this is all good practice, helping to hone your writing skills.

(Please note: no cabbages were harmed in the making of this post.)

If you are new here, there’s more about what this is all about here. The short version is I post a new creative writing prompt/exercise every Wednesday, 5pm Dublin time.