A Place in the Sun

GB Shaw and ShedHere’s an idea. You have just won the Lotto/inherited a fortune/sold your bitcoins/married a footballer/invented a way to stay cool in a heatwave (delete as appropriate) and you have money to burn. You still want to be a writer, of course, but now you can afford a place to write.

What will you go for? A shed at the bottom the garden, perhaps?

I’ve mentioned before how George Bernard Shaw (who would have celebrated his birthday next week) had a clever revolving shed built in his Hertfordshire garden where he penned most of his masterpieces. He called his writing place ‘London’, so the maid could truthfully turn away uninvited callers by telling them GBS was ‘in London’. This was early in the 20th Century, and his ahead-of-its-time shed had electric fires and was built onto a dais that allowed it to be turned to catch the sun.

Right now, we’re in the middle of an orange warning heatwave here in the west of Ireland, so I’d be looking for a shed in the shade, one that could be turned away from the sun!

So are you thinking about your ideal writing place? Write yourself a specification for the perfect place to write. And because this is fantasy (for most of us), you can be as extravagant as you like with the fixtures and fittings. Gold plated, hand tooled, luxurious, decadent, go for it!

Write as if you are an estate agent offering this place for sale. Think about how to describe it in detail, the where, the how, the whatever.

Now fix yourself a cold drink before you bang out 400 words on your ideal writing place.

A place in the sun? Actually, no thank you. I’m more of a deep shady forest sort of writer myself…

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