Time to Go…

sunflower sThis week’s creative writing prompt/exercise will be the last for a while – I’ve decided to take a little break.

However, I will be spending some time updating this website so you can more easily find your way around the 100+ prompts I’ve published here. I always believe you can revisit an old prompt and get something new from it, so with that in mind, I will set up different headings to make navigating through them all easier, such as poetry, creative non-fiction, short stories etc. But look! I’m ahead of myself already – all that is for the future.

This week, I’m leaving you with a line of text to develop as a beginning – or the end – of a short story or flash fiction:

“I thought she’d never leave…”

Who are we talking about? Why? What, Where? When? How?

Are you going to be writing about just one person or several? How do they interact? What links them together? What is going on?

Here are a few extra triggers to add to the mix:

Sunflowers, a paper bag, the smell of cough sweets, a jar of home-made chutney, the sound of running water.

Can you weave all these things into one tall tale? Of course you can! Just let your imagination loose and start jotting down words that spring to mind – keep at it and they’ll eventually gel into something you can turn into a story. This week, you can choose the word count!

So there we are. I hope you have achieved something from this series of weekly creative writing prompts?

And above all else, I hope you are enjoying the process of writing, the activity of being creative with words.

I have found myself struggling to get work published recently (lots of rejections, which is very dispiriting), but I still write as much for my own pleasure as anything. Keeping a journal is very important to me, where the writing is for my eyes only, but like most scribes, I’d still like an audience for some of my other writing. Persistence is the key, along with a thick skin, some self-belief, a bit of good luck, timing, and a moderate amount of writing talent.

There are plenty of good writers around – if you want to join them in being published, try to recognise the zeitgeist – what is out there – and go with the flow. Or else just stick with your own writing style and content, and try to take pleasure in the process. Remember the old adage: ‘Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self’.  I have to keep reminding myself of this!

Whatever writing you’re engaged in, good luck!