Wholesome Thoughts

hole sToday’s creative writing prompt/exercise takes us to the letter ‘H’ and holes. They can be the kind you fall into, or look through, or need to climb out of.

Think of new holes, old ones, big or small.

Then see where this sentence will  take you:

‘He tried to recall if the hole in his sock was there the last time she looked.’

There’s a whole lot of unholiness in holes. Take a few minutes to consider where this may take you: story, flash fiction, memoir, essay, poem – your choice.

Then, start at the beginning, keep going and finish at the end. Easy really. Just make sure there’s a hole somewhere in this new piece of work.

Struggling to think of an interesting hole to write about? Add in a few more ‘H’ words and see if that sparks your creativity: Hope, Haven, Heat, Hitch, Hunt, Hill.

And now, I honestly have a hunch all this honing your craft will make you happy!

Please call back next week for another creative writing prompt/exercise. There’s a new one every Wednesday at 5pm, Dublin time. There is more on what this is all about here.