You’re Invited!

invitation sThis week, our writing prompt is: invitations.

As a creative writing exercise to get you started, construct a carefully worded invitation to an event of your invention. You can choose everything here, you’re the writer, so use your imagination!

This could be an unexpected invitation, or a much anticipated one. Who would you invite, and to where, what, when?

Jot down the words that come to mind when you start thinking about invitations. You should then have some starting points for new writing.

Try to incorporate an invitation into a new poem or short story. How are you (or your character) affected by this invitation? How important is it to you to have received it? How will you reply? Who else has received the invitation? How do you know?

Of course, if you are writing memoir, you may recall a significant invitation from the past you can write about. It could be a wedding, a birthday party, a memorial service, an awards ceremony, a rehearsal, an opening night. There could be music, dancing, speeches, a scene interrupted by an interloper…

Off you go, this is your invitation to write!

There’s a new creative writing prompt/exercise posted here every Wednesday at 5pm, Dublin time. Read more on what this is all about here.