One of a Kind

Dot and LinusWe are already at week 11 of our weekly creative writing prompts. So I’ve chosen ‘kind’ as the word to trigger some new writing.

Specifically, one of a kind. Is that you, or can you think of someone or something this refers to?

(I’ll let you switch it around, and consider ‘two of a kind’ if you like.)

Anyway, try to concentrate on the unique traits of someone/thing to write a personal essay – aka creative non-fiction.

Consider how this person/thing is different, what makes them stand out from the crowd, how that affects your life. You can be very personal here, this is a story which will have your voice at the forefront.

You may choose a politician, a celebrity, a figure from history, or a relative or friend to write about, but try to distil the essence of what makes them one of a kind into 2000 words.

There are quite a few literary journals and competitions that might take your work when you’ve completed it (make sure it is polished and follows the submission guidelines before sending!).

If your writing features animals, consider sending an entry in to the Kipling Society Writing Prize, deadline May 1st, first prize £350:

“Entries may be fiction or memoir, addressing the theme of animals of any kind, in any way the author chooses. They should also be somehow connected, whether directly or obliquely, with Rudyard Kipling’s writings and/or his life.”

Good luck!

Call back next week for another creative writing prompt/exercise. There’s a new one every Wednesday at 5pm, Dublin time. There is more on what this is all about here.