Sing Song, Anyone?

piano keysWe’re going all musical for this week’s creative writing prompt/exercise – but words are at the forefront, of course.

Already, we are up to the letter ‘L’ in our weekly prompts, so how about having a go at writing some lyrics?

You can go full on and write a complete musical, in which case you will be the composer as well as the librettist. And if you are up for that, off you go (what are you waiting for, wasting your time here looking for ideas?!)

I’m not a great fan of modern musicals, although I like some of the classics. And I’m not an avid opera buff, either, although the radios in my car and in the kitchen are tuned into classical music (Lyric FM in Ireland), and I like some popular opera arias.

I was listening to Casta Diva the other day and realised I have no idea what the real words to it are, so I began making up my own. It was quite tricky, but very satisfying! Casta Diva is a well-known aria from Vincenzo Bellini’s opera Norma, and in my opinion can be very moving if performed well. Or a screeching bore if sung badly. Here’s a good version on You Tube, Renée Fleming in 2010.

So this week, give creating some song lyrics a try as a writing exercise – reword a popular tune. If you are good at satire, you may even get something together that’s worth performing to an audience – people love humorous parodies. But be aware of copyright issues if you are using someone else’s melody.

If you are stuck for a song to re-write, think of folk tunes, hymns, anthems or Christmas carols, which might benefit from a new set of words!

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Call back next week for another creative writing prompt/exercise. There’s a new one every Wednesday at 5pm, Dublin time. There is more on what this is all about here.