Going Underground

italian alleyway sSo there were a number of ‘U’ words I considered for today’s creative writing prompt/exercise, including umbrella, unicorn, Utopia, undoing, unnecessary and uppity. But no, I’ve gone for UNDERGROUND.

Who (or what) might this refer to? Would you like to go underground, literally or metaphorically?

How about writing a short story – up to 2,000 words about someone who had gone into hiding, but has now emerged from their underground situation?

There might be an important document involved (a passport, a will, or a license, perhaps) and some siblings who have had a falling out. Add to the mix someone who is trying to get involved for nefarious reasons, throw in an interesting location (a lighthouse, dark alley, small island, nuclear shelter or a garden shed, perhaps) and see where that takes you.

Even with the same prompts as other writers, the work you produce will be exclusively yours. No-one will be able to write this story the way you can!

When you are happy with your finished story (and it may take a number of drafts to polish it to perfection), take a look at some of the short story competitions out there looking for entries. As always, read the instructions carefully, follow all the guidelines, and be prepared to pay dearly for entering competitions that have big cash prizes because there will be stiff competition. But someone has to win – why shouldn’t it be you? Good luck!

Here are two UK-based competition listings, which have up-to-date information on a range of different writing competitions: Michael Shenton and Christopher Fielden.

Join me next week for another creative writing prompt/exercise, posted here at 5pm (Dublin time) on Wednesday. And if you want to know why I’m doing this, read more here.