Stepping Out

EkphrasticThis week’s writing prompt is an ekphrastic challenge.

The Greeks described ekphrasis as the literary description of a piece of artwork, but you can let the image be a  more general creative writing trigger for today.

So, look at the picture. Really look!

Jot down the first words and phrases that spring to mind. Keep looking, find more words. Keep jotting!

While you are using all the visual prompts provided by the image, use the senses to get even more from it – describe what you might smell, taste, touch and hear in a place like this. And don’t forget to reflect on the colours shown here.

Now consider what – or who – might be in this scene, to the left or right, just out of sight. Look again, could there be things hidden here? Where does the path lead? Are those steps leading towards you or are they going away? Is this a busy scene or is it a place of tranquillity? Has something just happened, or is it about to happen here? What might be going on?

You could write a poem inspired by the picture. Try a sonnet, which is just 14 lines. I wrote a post about how to master sonnets here.

Of course, if poetry is not your thing, try writing a short nature piece, or any other type of creative non-fiction – as ever, it is your call!

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