The Best is Yet to Come

budssYes, I know, that title sounds like some cheesy fridge magnet – but please, stick with me.

After all the navel gazing I’ve done lately, I realise this maxim is one I’ve always held on to: the best bits of my life haven’t happened yet. I think it makes me one of those glass half-full people (actually, I’m always grateful to have a glass, regardless, but I digress).

For today’s creative writing exercise/prompt, I am asking you to consider what you want for the future – and to write it down. Make your words into a personal pledge, a promise to yourself about what you can achieve, how you are going to succeed (and what that means). This, of course, refers to your writing, but you could extend the theme to encompass everything in your life.

It’s not that different from writing a personal manifesto (which was a prompt I set last year – read it here), although today’s piece can be a more wordy record of your hopes and dreams for the future. No more than 300 words, though. Brevity needs to be your friend here!

When you’re done, put the pledge (handwritten or printed from the computer, your choice) into an envelope and seal it up. Resolve to look at it again in a year’s time and see how far you’ve come. You’ll need to make a note of where you’ve put your pledge, and set a calendar reminder to look at it in 12 months’ time.

BTSsTake note of the words of a record-breaking Korean boy band: “My best is what comes next… my moment is yet to come”.

I know, right? Who’d think I’d ever know the lyrics to a BTS song? I know all their names, too. And when their birthdays are, but that’s a story for another day.

If you’ve never heard of BTS, you’re in the minority – they dominate world records these days. Their song ‘Yet to Come’ had a staggering 49.94 MILLION views on You Tube in the first 24 hours of its release last year. The lyrics give a ‘be careful what you wish for’ vibe, too. See how educational my posts here are? You’re welcome!

Call back next week for another creative writing exercise/prompt. Every Wednesday, 5pm Dublin time (GMT+1).

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