Message in a Bottle

message_in_a_bottle_616_400_c1This week, our creative writing prompt/exercise is linked to tomorrow’s special day here in Ireland. Yes, it is that time again- Poetry Day Ireland.

This year’s event has a ‘message in a bottle’ as the theme.

Bit of a no-brainer here, then?  Write a poem (you can choose whether to write free verse or a structured poem such as a sonnet, sestina or pantoum etc). And click on the link to see what other writers are doing (or have done) to mark the day.

It is always a good idea to check out what other writers are up to – you don’t have to copy them (indeed, you shouldn’t copy!). Use their words and images to come up with your own new ideas. You may be surprised at how much original work can come from listening to (or reading) other writers’ creations.

And of course, Poetry Day Ireland usually kicks off the annual Strokestown Poetry Festival, now back for a three day event again.

Check out the Strokestown programme here.

Don’t forget to call back here next week on Wednesday at 5pm (Irish time)  for another creative writing prompt/exercise to trigger your new writing.