About why I’m posting creative writing prompts…

forty two sBack in March 2020, I had the ridiculous idea I’d only need to post 42 daily creative writing prompts to keep my writing group friends entertained, and then we’d all go back to normal. How wrong was I about what 2020 turned into?

I run two small (but perfectly formed) creative writing groups in County Mayo, Ireland, in which I share publishing news and information, set writing challenges and prompts, and where we all encourage each other to keep writing.

Anyway, I calmed down after the excitement of 42 daily prompts (which was my nod to Douglas Adams and ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’) and decided to post weekly as I viewed with dismay how the year was unfolding – no more physical meetings, and inadequate virtual ones not everyone is able to access.

I have nothing to sell, I’m not trying to promote a cause or doctrine, my political and religious beliefs are my own, and my tastes in all things are eclectic and personal and I don’t reveal them readily.    Here, I’m just trying to share my love of the process of writing, and my delight in being able to encourage new written work.

I know a bit about being published (I have edited more than 20 publications, I used to be a journalist, and now I am a poet and short story writer with a few modest successes under my belt). But I also know about how difficult it can be to keep going, how disconcerting rejections can be, and how hard it can be to come up with new ideas. I’m also a great proponent of writing being an accessible, enjoyable pastime for anyone capable of holding a pen (or striking a keyboard), and that it doesn’t always have to be about getting published. Sometimes, the process is enough – which is why I encourage journaling and writing for your eyes only.

There are now more than 100 of these posts, in a series which has random content encouraging the writing of poetry, creative non-fiction, memoir, short stories, drama and flash fiction.

Nowadays, I don’t tend to write the sort of vague blogs I began with nearly five years ago, but they are all still available to read if you’re interested.

I do it for the craic.