42 is the Right Answer, Day 16

Today’s Writing Prompt is: Change Write 350 words of flash fiction, or a 20-line poem inspired by this word. This is both a homonym (two different words with the same sound) and a homograph (two words with different meanings but the same spelling). So here we go: Loose change, change of circumstances, The Change, changing sides, change of scenery, sea change, sudden change, change of direction, change of heart, change of mind, change colour, change shape changing one’s tune, chop and change, make changes, change sides, change for the worse, change for the better, small change, change around, winds of … Continue reading 42 is the Right Answer, Day 16

42 is the Right Answer, Day 15

We’re going to your personal library for today’s creative writing prompt. Choose a book title at random and take that as your starting point for a new piece of work. You don’t have to base your writing on whatever the original book was about, just use the title as a stepping off point. To save you the bother of looking at your own books, here are some titles from my collection: Good Behaviour The Lonely Sea and Sky A Sense of Reality Burial Rites Memento Mori Breathing Lessons Wild Fire Second Fiddle Choose one (or several and mash them together) … Continue reading 42 is the Right Answer, Day 15

42 is the Right Answer, Day 6

Day Six Creative Writing Prompt: They had an understanding… Who did? When? Why? Who else knew? Was there corruption or immoral behaviour going on? Where? There doesn’t have to be a bad thing happening, but still… Was this a relationship between a child and grandparent, coach and footballer, dog and trainer, husband and wife, priest and housekeeper, artist and muse, butterfly and Buddleia? Your call. If this prompt triggers a piece of memoir, try adding historical detail to set the scene, without labouring the point. For example, you could mention an iconic hairstyle, piece of popular music, or mode of … Continue reading 42 is the Right Answer, Day 6