42 is the Right Answer, Day 15

We’re going to your personal library for today’s creative writing prompt. Choose a book title at random and take that as your starting point for a new piece of work. You don’t have to base your writing on whatever the original book was about, just use the title as a stepping off point. To save you the bother of looking at your own books, here are some titles from my collection: Good Behaviour The Lonely Sea and Sky A Sense of Reality Burial Rites Memento Mori Breathing Lessons Wild Fire Second Fiddle Choose one (or several and mash them together) … Continue reading 42 is the Right Answer, Day 15

42 is the Right Answer, Day 6

Day Six Creative Writing Prompt: They had an understanding… Who did? When? Why? Who else knew? Was there corruption or immoral behaviour going on? Where? There doesn’t have to be a bad thing happening, but still… Was this a relationship between a child and grandparent, coach and footballer, dog and trainer, husband and wife, priest and housekeeper, artist and muse, butterfly and Buddleia? Your call. If this prompt triggers a piece of memoir, try adding historical detail to set the scene, without labouring the point. For example, you could mention an iconic hairstyle, piece of popular music, or mode of … Continue reading 42 is the Right Answer, Day 6