Gee, Louise – Still on About the Name?

The following article appeared in the Roscommon Herald earlier this year. I reproduce it here after discovering there are at least 100 (yes, you read right!) people called Louise Cole on Facebook.  And I’m not really one of them – although I do have a Facebook presence. So you might understand why I’m so touchy about the middle letter in my moniker. And I checked: the underwear model is still there, doing her thing… When I had the opportunity to read some of my poetry at Listowel Writers’ Week in Kerry recently, I was thrilled. But then the compere got … Continue reading Gee, Louise – Still on About the Name?

Arresting Stuff

So my daughter’s a criminal. No, no, that’s not right …. she’s a Criminologist. Not quite the same thing, although she did once appear on TV’s Crimecall.  That was a few years ago when she was in Ireland’s version of the UK’s Crimewatch programme as a TV extra in a cold case story about a blonde, very pregnant missing person. Seeing my girl on national TV with a prosthetic baby bump was a bit unnerving, and it was a very sad story that still hasn’t been resolved (the Fiona Pender case). My daughter’s interest in the dark side of life … Continue reading Arresting Stuff

It’s all in the name

Just in case you’re wondering about me having ‘notions’ (which everyone knows is Irish for Fur Coat and No Knickers), what with me insisting that middle letter ‘G’ in my name is important, here’s why: I was Louise G Corti back in the days when I modelled swimwear It is nothing to do with ‘G’ strings, although I wonder if you are checking me out because someone mentioned the underwear model Louise Cole? I discovered (quite by accident, of course) that if you Google ‘Louise Cole’ you’ll find a rather lovely raven-haired girl modeling underwear. Quite clearly, that’s not me, … Continue reading It’s all in the name