42 is the Right Answer, Day 14

Today, by way of your Day 14 creative writing prompt, you’re going to be an Agony Aunt. Dear Auntie, I am finding isolation very trying and it seems to be sapping my creativity. Although I have time to write, I find myself occupied with other trivial pastimes instead. I am spending too much time in the kitchen and have discovered an otherwise hidden talent for baking with yeast, which is not good for my waistline. The kitchen is the best room in the house for the Internet, so I often sit there to write, but I’m finding the distractions too … Continue reading 42 is the Right Answer, Day 14

42 is the Right Answer, Day 12

Your prompt today is Write a 500 word Journal Entry I suggest (if you haven’t already) you get into the habit of writing something in a journal while we’re busy being isolated/locked down/working from home/distanced from our usual social circle. It may prove interesting to look back on. Some famous keepers of journals include Anne Frank, Leonardo de Vinci, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Sir Isaac Newton, Andy Wahol and Kurt Cobain, although I’m not suggesting you keep a journal for future publication, only for your own amusement. I have kept a journal one and off for most of my adult … Continue reading 42 is the Right Answer, Day 12

42 is the Right Answer, Day 8

Your Day 8 Creative Writing Prompt: Respect Who has it? Who gives it? Who cares? Just for a change, I’m asking for an opinion piece today. Imagine you are writing for one of the ‘quality’, smart-arse magazines or newspapers. They want your unique take on what respect means to you and yours, in just 500 words.  This is personal, so write in the first person (‘I’ and ‘me’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’). Rant if you must, it might make you feel better in these trying times. To save you looking it up, the Oxford Dictionary definition of respect is: Noun … Continue reading 42 is the Right Answer, Day 8

42 is the Right Answer, Day 6

Day Six Creative Writing Prompt: They had an understanding… Who did? When? Why? Who else knew? Was there corruption or immoral behaviour going on? Where? There doesn’t have to be a bad thing happening, but still… Was this a relationship between a child and grandparent, coach and footballer, dog and trainer, husband and wife, priest and housekeeper, artist and muse, butterfly and Buddleia? Your call. If this prompt triggers a piece of memoir, try adding historical detail to set the scene, without labouring the point. For example, you could mention an iconic hairstyle, piece of popular music, or mode of … Continue reading 42 is the Right Answer, Day 6